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Meetings are held in the Pinole City Council Chambers located at 2131 Pear Street - map

They begin approximately at 6:00pm the first and third Tuesdays of each month. Closed sessions are from 6:00-7:00pm followed by Council Business items. Draft minutes are also located in the table below.

Many meetings are available through the Video Archives video library.
Check the Pinole TV Schedule for information on future broadcasts.

* This site contains Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) version 9.0 documents.
These documents require Adobe Acrobat Reader, which can be downloaded here at no cost.
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Agendas and staff reports will be posted no later than Friday at 9:00 am, preceding the meeting. Staff reports are now linked within the agenda.

To view staff reports:

1. Open the agenda you would like to view
2. Go to the item you are interested in, and
3. Click on the memo number to open the staff report


Meeting Date   Agenda/Notice   Draft Minutes  
07/19/2016 Special Meeting Agenda  
07/19/2016 Agenda  
07/05/2016 Agenda Minutes
06/29/16 Special Meeting Agenda Minutes
06/21/2016 Agenda Minutes
06/09/2016 Agenda Minutes
06/07/2016 Agenda Minutes
05/31/2016 Agenda Minutes
05/23/2016 Agenda Minutes
05/17/2016 Agenda Minutes
05/03/2016 Agenda Minutes
04/19/2016 Agenda Minutes
04/05/2016 Agenda Minutes
04/05/2016 Agenda-Sp.Mtg-Police Dept Oaths Minutes
03/29/2016 Agenda-Sp.Mtg-Closed Session Minutes
03/15/2016 Agenda Minutes
03/14/2016 Agenda-Sp.Mtg-Closed Session Minutes
03/01/2016 Agenda Minutes
02/16/2016 Agenda Minutes
02/09/2016 Agenda Minutes
02/02/2016 Agenda Minutes
01/19/2016 Agenda Minutes
01/05/2016 Cancellation Notice  
12/15/2015 Agenda Minutes
12/08/2015 Agenda -Special Meeting Minutes
12/01/2015 Agenda Minutes
11/17/2015 Agenda Minutes
11/03/2015 Agenda Minutes
10/20/2015 Agenda-Jt. Council & Successor Agency Minutes
10/06/2015 Agenda Minutes
09/22/2015 Agenda Special Meeting Minutes
09/15/2015 Agenda Sp. Mtg (concurrent w/Regular)  


09/08/2015 Agenda Minutes
09/01/2015 Agenda Minutes
08/18/2015 Agenda Minutes
08/04/2015 Cancellation Notice - August 4, 2015  
07/21/2015 Agenda Minutes
07/07/2015 Agenda Minutes
06/16/2015 Agenda Minutes
06/03/2015 Cancellation Notice - June 3, 2015  
06/03/2014 Agenda  
06/02/2015 Agenda Minutes
05/19/2015 Agenda Minutes
05/05/2014 Agenda-Jt. Counci & Successor Agency Minutes

Gateway - Item 8A & Attachments

04/21/2015 Agenda-Jt.Council & Successor Agency  
04/07/2015 Agenda-Jt. Council & Successor Agency Minutes
04/02/2015 Special Mtg - CCC Mayors Conference  
03/17/2015 Agenda Minutes
03/03/2015 Joint Council & Successor Agency Agenda Minutes
02/17/2015 Agenda Minutes
02/07/2015 Agenda-Special Meeting Minutes
02/03/2015 Agenda Minutes
01/20/2015 Agenda Minutes
01/06/2015 Cancellation Notice  


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Meeting Date   Agenda/Notice   Draft Minutes  


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Meeting Date   Agenda/Notice   Draft Minutes  
.   None at this time


Slide shows will require the Powerpoint Viewer which can be downloaded here.

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2016 Planning Commission Meeting Schedule

2015 Planning Commission Meeting Schedule

2014 Planning Commission Meeting Schedule

Meeting Date   Agenda/Notice   Minutes  
07/25/16 Cancellation Notice  
07/11/16 Agenda  
06/27/16 Agenda  
06/13/16 Agenda  
05/23/16 Agenda Minutes
05/23/16 Agenda Joint w/ Council Minutes
04/25/16 Agenda Minutes
03/28/16 Agenda Minutes
03/14/16 Special Meeting Workshop Minutes
02/22/2016 Agenda Minutes
01/25/2016 Agenda Minutes
12/14/2015 Agenda Minutes
11/16/2015 Agenda Minutes
11/09/2015 Agenda Minutes
10/26/2015 Cancellation Notice  
09/28/2015 Agenda Minutes
08/24/2015 Agenda Minutes
07/27/2015 Cancellation Notice  
06/22/2015 Agenda Minutes
05/18/2015 Cancellation Notice  
04/27/2015 Agenda Minutes
04/06/2015 Agenda Minutes
02/23/2015 Agenda Minutes
02/09/2015 Agenda Minutes
01/26/2015 Cancellation Notice  


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Email Updates

Meeting Date   Agenda/Notice   Draft Minutes  
07/20/16 Agenda  
06/15/16 Cancellation Notice  
05/18/16 Cancellation Notice  
04/20/16 Agenda  
01/20/2016 Agenda  
09/08/2015 Agenda  
06/17/2015 Cancellation Notice  
04/15/2015 Cancellation Notice  
03/18/2015 Cancellation Notice  


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Email Updates

Meeting Date   Agenda/Notice   Draft Minutes  
07/07/2016 Agenda  
06/02/2016 Agenda  
05/05/2016 Cancellation Notice  
04/07/2016 Agenda  
03/03/2016 Agenda  
02/04/2016 Agenda  
01/07/2016 Agenda  
11/05/2015 Agenda  
09/03/2015 Cancellation Notice  
08/06/2015 Agenda  
07/02/2015 Cancellation Notice  
06/04/2015 Agenda  
05/14/2015 Agenda  
04/15/2015 Agenda  
03/26/2015 Special Meeting Agenda  
03/12/2015 Agenda  
02/12/2015 Agenda  
01/15/2015 Agenda  


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Meeting Date   Agenda/Notice   Minutes  


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Subcommittee Email Updates

Meeting Date   Agenda/Notice   Draft Minutes  
05/25/2016 Agenda  
03/16/2016 Agenda Minutes
05/27/2015 Agenda Minutes


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* This site contains Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) version 9.0 documents.
These documents require Adobe Acrobat Reader, which can be downloaded here at no cost.
Slide shows will require the Powerpoint Viewer which can be downloaded .

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