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This webpage is updated periodically with information on the Revenue Measure S, a local 1/2 cent sales tax, placed on the November 4, 2014 ballot.


Public discussion of how to plan for expenditures under the Measure S 2014 fund that was approved by the voters in November 2014 is continuing. There have been three public discussions thus far and a proposed five year plan has been drafted. The City Council will be presented with the plan which includes input from our citizens, staff and City Council Members.

The next discussion will take place at the May 5, 2015 City Council meeting when the Proposed Five Year Plan will be presented by Staff for City Council review. As always, the public is invited to participate.



If you recall, the Pinole voters approved Measure S in November 2014, which included a general sales tax measure of 1/2 cent. It is anticipated that Measure S 2014 will generate an additional $1.8 million a year. Local merchants will begin to collect the tax on April 1, 2015. The City Council has held public discussion on how to plan for spending Measure S 2014 funds on February 7, 2015, March 3 and again on March 17 at the regular City Council meeting.

City staff presented a three-year plan concept that included items from City Council initiated requests, citizen comments and staff needs. That plan revealed that if all the items listed were funded, the Measure S 2014 funding would be out of balance and in deficit spending by Year 3. As a concept, the City Council requested that Staff look at developing a plan that set aside a specific amount of the Measure S 2014 funds to build the General Fund Reserve to an adequate level and still provide enough funding to continue with projects.

As a result of the discussion on March 3, the City Council endorsed the following guiding principles:

  • Amend the City’s Financial Policies to Reflect the Guiding Principles of Measure S 2014 Funding.
  • Transfer of a fixed dollar amount of Measure S 2014 funds each budget cycle into the General Fund Reserve until a $5.5 million Reserve is achieved. This is the "Reserve" Concept.
  • Measure S 2014 Funds should never result in deficit spending – i.e. current year expenditures must be equal or less than current year revenues.
  • Maintenance of City facilities should have a high priority for funding allocations.

The City Council approved the Guiding Principles and directed Staff to prepare a five year plan that included transferring a total of $200,000 from Measure S 2014 to the General Fund Reserve beginning in FY 2016-17 and each year after that until the General Fund Reserve reaches $5.5 million. It is anticipated that the entire $200,000 transfer may not always be necessary given residual fund balances at the end of each fiscal year. The remaining Measure S 2014 funds will be allocated for projects accordingly.



March 17 - City Council Meeting

The Pinole City Council will continue their discussion about the use of Measure S 2014 funding at their regular March 17 City Council meeting. This is a continuation of the February 7 and March 3 discussions. This is an opportunity for the public to provide their input on how these monies should be spent.

> Agenda Item: Continued Discussion on Measure S Funding


March 3rd - Workshop on Measure S

The City Council will be holding another workshop at the Regular Council meeting on Tuesday, March 3 from 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM to continue the discussion regarding how Measure S 2014 funds will be spent in the future. The last workshop was held on February 7 and no decisions were made as this is only the beginning of the discussions. City staff presented a three-year plan that included items from City Council initiated requests, citizen comments and city needs.

The City Council, after hearing from citizens noted that there should be some guidelines adopted that established the parameters for the Measure S 2014 funding.

Some of the items discussed included:

  • Measure S 2014 will be accounted for in a separate fund with its own reserve.
  • Measure S 2014 fund should always be balanced - current revenues equal current expenditures.
  • An initial reserve should be established and an annual amount pre-determined by City Council policy should be deposited into it each budget cycle.
  • Amending the City Council financial policies to reflect the guiding principles of Measure S Funding.
  • Maintenance of City facilities should have a high priority for funding allocations.
  • An effort to restore some community funding should be considered.

The meeting will be held in the City Council Chambers and will be televised. The public is encouraged to attend and participate in the discussion.


September 29 & October 20, 6 PM -Pinole Council Chambers

The City will host 2 informational meetings regarding Measure S., the local ½ cent sales tax measure placed on the November 4th ballot.  The City wishes to hear from citizens regarding which services are important to the community.

> Measure S Powerpoint - Town Hall Meeting 9/29/2014


April 14, 6pm - Pinole Council Chambers

> Revenue Measure Powerpoint - Town Hall Meeting 3/17/2014
> Revenue Measure Staff Report - 4/1/2014


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