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Summer is drawing to a close, which means that back-to-school season is looming. As families prepare to resume their busy work and school routines, the California Office of Traffic Safety encourages parents to make safety a top priority as their children head back to the classroom this fall. Here are some school zone safety tips to keep you and your child as safe as possible throughout the school year.

  • Plan ahead and plot your route and give yourself extra time to accommodate for longer commute times. Avoid any distractions while driving such as eating and using a cellphone.

  • Follow the posted speed limit inside school zones, which is often 25 mph maximum but may be as low as 15 mph. Be extra aware around school drop off zones, and make sure your kids are too. Too many parents are in a hurry to leave and don’t watch for other children.

  • If you have a child that will be biking or walking to school, make sure they know the safest route, are familiar with traffic signals and signs, and remind them to stop and look both ways to make sure no cars are coming before using crosswalks. Make sure the child always wears a properly fitted helmet if he or she is riding a bike.

  • As you return to the faster pace of the school year, OTS encourages you to make sure that every trip, every day, is a safe one. For more information and safety tips, please visit the OTS Facebook page at facebook.com/CaliforniaOTS or the OTS website at www.ots.ca.gov.

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