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To report Graffiti, call
(510) 724-9010 or email


The City currently contracts most of it's graffiti removal needs to a private vendor.

  • If your property is located within the Redevelopment Project Area, and you have a signed "Consent to Enter and Release of Liability" form on file, the City can utilize the graffiti abatement program to have the graffiti removed.

  • If there is graffiti on private property (including sidewalks) outside the Redevelopment Area, it is the responsibility of the property owner to abate it.

Please report any incidents of graffiti on public property or on property within the Redevelopment Area to the Public Works Department at (510) 724-9010.

Community Groups may be eligible for support and compensation through the City's Community Group Funding Program (graffiti in must be located within one of the Redevelopment Project Areas).


If you see a street light which has burned out or is flickering, please let us know. When you call, have the pole number and the address the pole sits in front of ready. In most cases, we notify PG&E so they can replace or repair the street light. Be advised that it can take up to 4 weeks for PG&E to get the request into their schedule.

Report non-working street lights to the Public Works Department at (510) 724-9010 or complete PG&E's Street Light Trouble Report and submit your request directly to PG&E.

Landscape and Lighting Assessment District Report


The City owns and maintains a number of Parks. They include Bayfront Park, Fernandez Park, Louis Francis Park, Meadow Park, Canyon Park, Sarah Park and Pinole Valley Park & Picnic Grove.

Please report any incidents of graffiti or park damage to the Public Works Department at (510) 724-9010.

For more information on parks, including Park Locations and Reservations, visit the Recreation Department.

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